Wednesday, January 25, 2012

i have won this award.

november last year, i decided to participate a photography competition. and have actually won.

read here:

"The People’s Choice Award went to Mohd Azizul Zulzaha." nice!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Olympus XZ-1

good evening,i have recently bought the much anticipated Olympus XZ-1. I have sold my Canon G11 not so long time ago. I have tried to do lomo with nikon, but it was too vivid and sharp, i have tried with Canon (G11) but pics are too filmish and sometimes colors are bit too vibrant. Therefore i intended to go with Olympus this time, since it got the amber color to its pics...

the XZ-1 is noticeably smaller and lighter than my previous G11.

lets start with what i like about this camera.

-its light, you wont have any neck pain. G11 sure got neck pain.
-OLED screen, sharp, vibrant save battery. big screen.
-f1.8-2.5, this is awesome.
-bunch of in camera effects, i like the diorama, and pinhole the most.
-easy to grip, almost as good as G11, you feel very secure.
-can record video, and zoom in while recording.
-intuitive controls, but not as intuitive as canon. took me 3 days to get used to it.
-the control ring that is similar to Canon S95.
-can shoot video in any creative modes.
-a lot of accessories, almost as good as LX5 in this terms.

what i dont like...

-focus seems slower than G11
-no tilting screen
-no external ISO button to adjust the ISO
-lens is not as sharp as i expected it to be
-although noise is slightly better than G11, but still im disappointed.
-flash compensation is a struggle and also weird for me
-i do not know what my lens focal length are
-no battery charger, you have to charge it like a handphone.
-28mm is not enough for me at times.
-battery life is about 1 day only, with heavy use. really heavy use.
-zooming seems slow.

thats is all that i could think of right now...

since this is a better camera than the G11, im somewhat satisfied for now. but not until i get my hands on the camera that will replace LX5.

will try to post some pics taken from this XZ-1 later, soon.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Polaroid Project.

i recently got my hands on a Polaroid Image 2, with 6 packs of Polaroid Spectra. The film was given for free (the guy said it has expired in 2004), the total price was only RM120. (around US30 Dollars).

so the plan was to shoot anything that is and will be evergreen. but, being me, who has never shot or experienced polaroid before, i kinda shoot for memory instead of sumthing evergreen....nonetheless, it was a satisfying experience everytime!

the camera is easy to use, half click to focus using its sonar sensor, full click to capture the image. easy. sounds coming from the camera are disturbingly loud. but i love result.

these are the first few pictures that i took with the polaroid. enjoy...

the wedding.

whats next?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting Married on 4th Disember 2010.

again, life just got fast forwarded. im getting married on the 4th Disember 2010.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Experimenting with Digital Lomography.

i already have a few film cameras, and already thinking of getting some LOMO camera. Since im somewhat financially restricted. so, im experimenting with digital LOMOgraphy, with editing in Photoshop. Shot were taken with G11+DIY colour filter in Cenang.

I love films, lomo effects and those film effects very much.